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Planning Applications

Planning applications can be found by visiting https://www.erewash.gov.uk/planning-section/planning.html

Why do planning matters matter?
A simple answer is because the purpose of planning laws is to ensure that, as far as possible, all of us can live in our homes in peace and security; with our neighbours, our community and with our environment.

So, if you want to build or extend a house, planning laws should ensure that you end up with something fit for purpose, that for example has adequate off-road parking or that any potential risk of the property flooding is properly assessed and if required measures put in place to deal with that risk.

if you are a neighbour, planning laws should ensure you are not plunged into darkness by a proposed development nor have your privacy invaded by it overlooking your private amenities.

The planning process will assess the safety of any proposed vehicular access and make recommendations as required.

Development on green belt will be avoided and works in a conservation area closely controlled.

Trees making an important contribution to the street scene can be protected and surveys ordered where protected animals eg bats may be put at risk.

So where do you turn for information to avoid pitfalls in dealing with what are often complex issues?

The internet is the obvious first thought, but you may be overwhelmed by the mass of information. But Erewash Borough Council's Case Officers have both the professional training and the local knowledge and are very ready to share it with you, whether you are considering a building project yourself or have a concern about a proposed development.

A word of warning: Planning Law does not give you the right to a view from your home, nor will it protect you from a perceived drop in the value of your property, neither is EBC able to get involved in boundary disputes, which are strictly civil matters.

The Parish Council are not professional planners, but dealing with planning applications every year, have a wealth of experience and local knowledge, which they are happy to share.

If you would like the opportunity to have an informal chat about an existing or proposed planning application, then please contact the Parish Clerk with your details. The Parish Council reviews all applications, which are normally discussed at our monthly meetings (you would be welcome to attend), prior to submitting a response taking into account the views of local residents.

The national Planning Portal is a helpful source of information concerning planning and building services.

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